How not to behave in 15 countries

Different countries have different customs. A hand gesture can be harmless in one country, but be highly offensive in another. We found this guide at Business Insiders and hope it is useful for you.

Gaia Discovery : River Kayaking

Further down the Bornean river, the views became increasingly breathtaking.  Stunning giant rock formations lined the riverbanks. – Shona Lall Parekh   The kayak river expedition in the midst of lush Sarawak rainforest is an outdoor activity that is hard to … Read More

Nasifriet Family Reunion 2015

We were simply cruising on the Semadang River and enjoying the God-given scenaries at our own “paddling” paces. We were honored to bring a contingent of 19 members for Family Reunion Kayaking trip down the Semadang river last October. As … Read More

#TSDayOut Pengalaman Norfanil

#TSDayOut yang dianjurkan November 2015 yang lalu telah berlalu dengan jayanya. Sekumpulan Blogger daripada Negeri Selangor telah merasai sendiri pengalaman menyusuri Sungai Semadang. Lengoh tapi Puas! – Norfa Nil, Lengoh tapi puas merupakan ungkapan yang paling sesuai untuk mengambarkan pengalaman … Read More

The Crowded Planet : Nick & Margherita’s Experience

We devoured platters of chicken cooked in bamboo, curried vegetables and okra with sambal, all accompanied with locally harvested organic brown rice. For dessert, we ate fresh fruit (including dragonfruit! Yum!) and a glutinous rice cake that tasted exactly like … Read More

Possibly the coolest crossover in history

This is possibly the coolest crossover in history. DC Shoes presents Robbie “Maddo” Maddison’s “Pipe Dream,” giving the world a chance to witness history being made as Maddison skimming across water and surfing the powerful and iconic waves of Tahiti … Read More