Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s it like to kayak in a river?

River kayaking is a most amazing way to discover nature and the world. It’s inexpensive and environmentally-friendly, does not require months of training, and it is good for the body and soul. River kayaking can take you beyond the reach of civilization into the natural world, into the space between Earth, Mother Nature and Sky.

2. Is kayaking easy to learn? Do I have to be fit?

No prior experience is required. As long as you are in good health and have a sense of adventure, you will quickly master the skills needed to paddle and steer your kayak. Our experienced guides will give an introductory lesson at the beginning of the journey, and will be there to assist and keep everyone happy and safe throughout.

3. Is kayaking safe?

It is safe. Rapid in Semadang River is up to Class 2, but these are easily navigated through. The kayaks we use are smooth and very stable, and all are equipped with the standard safety features. All participants will receive a safety briefing prior to the kayaking trip.

Our river guides have kayaked, and adventured in wild places for many years, and are skilled in risk-management and emergency medical care.

4. Do I have to know how to swim?

No. In the unlikely occurrence that your kayak should capsize, you can easily exit the boat and your high-buoyancy life-jacket will keep you afloat.

5. Are the kayaks singles or doubles?

We use double kayak, which means you will be paddling with another person. You may like to book with a friend and paddle together, or you may be happy to get to know your fellow travelers by kayaking with them. For more experienced kayaks we can convert the kayak into a single if you wish.

6. Apart from the kayaking and rafting, what else is there to do?

We provide various package of your own choice. You can visit Bidayuh Traditional Longhouse, Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to see Orang Utan, river fish feeding, swimming, taking-photos, and exploring caves in Semadang area.

7. Is this a Family Friendly trip?

This is a great family holiday for children of 6 years plus. They will be constantly stimulated and by that age they are physically strong enough to paddle.

 8. What should I bring along?

For your safety and comfort, we recommend the following items. Sturdy footwear for example sport sandals or shoes you can get wet in, change of clothes and towel, sun hat, suntan lotion, insect repellent and most importantly camera for your unforgettable moments.

9. Do you provide any waterproof bag?

Yes we do. If you plan to bring along any valuable belongings, our guides are ready to keep it in the dry bag.

10. How do I book if I am interested? When do you run these activities?

Give us a call or drop us an email, and we’ll arrange the trip according to your tentative date and numbers. The earlier you book, the more likely you will get the date you want. But you need to book at least 2 working days before your trip.

11. Will you provide us transport?

If you’re in Kuching town, our guides will drive you to the meeting point for the trip.

12. What to bring for the trip?

Please bring along a change of Clothes and Towel for return trip, Sunblocks, Shoes for trekking.

13. Are there crocodiles in the river?

No. This river is safe from crocodile. The water runs from the Borneo Highland and it is interesting to note that the Crocs does not live here.

14. What do you do normally do at the time of rainy season – Is it okay to kayak?

With regard to the rainy season, it is safe to kayak. But its all depends on the water level, if the water level unexpectedly high, we might have to re-schedule or canceled the activity if necessary.

15. Will you provide lunch or refreshment?

Lunch and refreshment will be provided by Semadang Kayak. If you wish to request for vegetarian food, please notify our management so that we can make an arrangement for your request.

16. How far and how long is this trips?

The kayaking and rafting distance is around 12km which normally takes around 4 hours of paddling, depending on the pace of the group. However, for those doing water activities and caving adventure, the duration certainly be longer and could approximately take up to 6-8 hours.

17. Why do you use sit-on-top kayak?

A sit-on-top kayak allows you can safely enjoy all the pleasures of kayaking without having to learn difficult self-rescue maneuvers. It allows the paddler to enter and exit the kayak easily from water, and paddle without feeling confined.

18. Will we see any wildlife?

There is always a chance of coming across monkeys, monitor lizards, and kingfisher but these events are not guaranteed.

For more information, send us an email at info@semadangkayak.com or leave a message on our online contact form.