Semadang Kayaking & Caving

Semadang Kayaking & Caving

10.5 KM 4 - 5 Hours Min. 2 Persons Difficulty: Moderate

Semadang Kayaking & Caving In Kuching Sarawak

This is the perfect way to experience Semadang from a whole different perspective! After all, Semadang’s not just spectacular from the river; it is spectacular underground as well. You will start the trip on kayak to Arang Piin Trusan Waterfall and short stop for fish feeding at Kampung Danu. Then you’ll be led through the Rembang Cave to start your expedition into the tropical forests; switch on your head torch and get ready to feel like you’ve entered a lost world. The high-pitched squeaking of bats will welcome you at the Rembang Cave entrance. Here it will take some doing to navigate through the mud banks, low airspaces, subterranean streams, and witness the natural splendors and biodiversity of the lowland dipterocarp of Bengoh Basin on an hour of caving expedition. Don’t worry, your guide will ensure you have a crazy and rewarding adventure. Whether a first timer or skilled adventurer, you can experience the excitement of adventure caving - that special feeling of accomplishment. You’ll be both proud and muddy when you finish this adventure.

Tour Details

Experience the Natural Splendors

Discover the biodiversity of the lowland dipterocarp of Bengoh Basin and at the same time kayaking down the river.

Complimentary Photos

Your guides with bring along waterproof camera to capture your muddy adventure trip and email it to you after the trip.

Exclusive Muddy Badge

You’ll even get a certified Muddy Badge from Semadang Adventure to show off your achievement.

Perfect for Adventure Seekers and Nature Lovers

Challenge Yourself with this exciting 2 in 1 challenge. Be prepared to get muddy and wet.

Semadang River Available Jan - Dec

Trip Itinerary

8:00 AM - Meet up at Hotel / Meeting Point
Pick-up from your hotel in Kuching City and proceed to the Semadang River, in Padawan area. The journey will take around 1 – 1 ½ hours and offers scenic countryside of Sarawak rainforest.
9:00 AM - Kayaking the Semadang River
Arrive at starting point for a safety briefing given by our professional river kayaking guides, try on your lifejackets and helmets, grab your paddle and get ready to go!
10:30 AM - Trip Highlights
Stopover at Aruang Piín Trusan Mini Waterfall and Sibudak Riverbank for swimming. Experience hand feeding feedstuffs to wild fish and body rafting.
12:00 PM - Trekking to the Rembang Cave
Park your kayak at small landing spot on the riverbank then start your expedition into the tropical forests and head to the Rembang Cave. Caving activity last approximately an hour.
1.30 PM - Head to End Point
Continue kayaking activity. The trip down river generally takes around 1/2 hour to arrive at the ending point.
2:00 PM - Lunch
Arrive at the lunch spot, freshen-up and get ready for lunch, shower facilities are available on site. (Late lunch, and expect for delay if you finish caving late)
4:30 PM - Depart to Kuching
Depart the base camp en-route back to your hotel in Kuching, estimated time of arrival back in Kuching is 5.30pm.

Things to Note • You may be required to assist in carrying your Kayak 100 metres over uneven terrain. • Wear lace-up shoes or boots, rubber shoes or aqua shoes with good grip. (Strictly No slippers & Flip-flops allowed) • Read the details of things to bring here.


Semadang Kayaking & Caving
2 persons
RM 298/person
  • 2 hour 30 minutes on the river
  • All Kayaking Equipment
  • Headlamp & Helmet Provided
  • Full Safety Briefing
  • 10km of adventure
  • Stopover at Mini-Waterfall & River Fish Feeding session
  • Bidayuh Home-Cooked lunch
  • Return Shuttle


The water was low so the water was pretty calm. We were able to enjoy the beautfiul scenery while paddling. The guides also told stories and interesting things about the surrounding nature. Definitely recommended to anyone who's visiting Kuching Read More
MT Bel
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The kayaking is very relaxed as it is all downstream. Visiting the mini waterfall was a lot of fun. The caving is pretty tough climbing up to it, we got impressively muddy! In the cave we saw lots of spiders and fish and the bats were so close we thought they'd fly right into us! Cooling off (and cleaning off!) in the river was fun and getting the cd of pictures is a great bonus. Read More
Becky C
London, United Kingdom
I love the fact that Semadang Kayak operate not too far from Kuching city, with less than 1 hour drive to the venue, we can easily immerse into the nature by taking a kayaking trip down the rivers with beautiful scenery around. Nice experience , great place, excellent guide & 5 stars hospitally. This easily become my regular escape every time I need rest from stressful city life. Doing caving, is a new thing, but I love the adventure & how the guide let you enjoy every little thing around. Semadang Kayak is a must if you are in Kuching. Read More
Emie Robert
Kuching, Sarawak

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