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Who is Semadang River Kayaking?

Semadang Kayak Company specialises in guided kayaking, bamboo rafting, and caving tours. Kayaking guides are highly trained with Rescue 3 International certification.

Semadang Kayak is the premier kayaking, rafting and adventure outfitter and service operator at the beautiful Borneo Rainforest in Kuching Sarawak. Semadang Kayak is a family owned company and operated by Mr Edward and family made up of people who are passionate about adventure. We are the local from the Semadang village who knows the village and the river well. We are committed to serve and ensuring that you leave with a memorable adventure experience here in Kuching, Sarawak.

We at first started this as a hobby then ventured into a family business in which we have this urge to share these beautiful rainforest sceneries with others through the river perspective.  This is a great opportunity for all nature lovers to experience a real country life.

For all the years we have offered the best trips taking advantage of everything that the Semadang River has to offer. Whether you are looking to tackle class I or just cruising on the Semadang River, we will provide you with a memorable outdoor experience and the personal service that you deserve.

We provide safe and exciting one-stop outdoor activities; Kayaking, Bamboo Rafting, and Caving adventure at the beautiful sceneries here in Semadang, Kuching. Here, you’ll get the chance to visit friendly Bidayuh villages. Through our adventure activities, we believe that you can bond with your love one, family and friends besides be part of the nature.

We highly recommend our Kayaking + Caving adventure and Bamboo Rafting adventure to you because these are the proud product from us as the Only operator that offers such adventure here at Semadang river in Kuching. No prior experience is required as long as you have a sense of adventure because our friendly guides are always ready to assist you and give tips on paddling techniques and taking care of you while you’re jungle trekking. All of our activities are safe for family and for beginners. Moreover, to make Semadang Kayak as your number one choice operator is that we are the only operator that offers River Fish Feeding session for all of our water sport activities. River fish feeding here is one of the highlight activity and we want you to be part of this unique experience of TAGANG, the fish conservation and preservation program first hand at Semadang River.

With various package choices, we could take you on the kayaking and rafting trip of your life! Our friendly guides and staff are driven to provide you with the safest and most action packed adventure possible. Our focus is, and always will be, on making sure that you have fun and memorable day.

Company Details :

Semadang Borneo Adventure Sdn Bhd
Company Address: DD209, 1st Floor, Batu Kawah New Township, Jalan Batu Kawah, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Company License Number : 1065260-D
Ministry of Tourism Malaysia Registration No : KPL/LN 7481
Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents membership (MATTA) : MA4570

International Recognition : 
Certificate of Excellence

Tripadvisor © Certificate of Excellence 2014

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