We were simply cruising on the Semadang River and enjoying the God-given scenaries at our own “paddling” paces.

We were honored to bring a contingent of 19 members for Family Reunion Kayaking trip down the Semadang river last October. As they said, out of the 19 eager ‘kayakers’, only 3 scored in the correct-type-of-shoes category, while flip-flops, crocs and sandals were the common sight that morning.

We suggest everyone to wear shoes with good grips because along the way down the river, we will be making few stops and the rocks at the riverbanks are quite slippery. Furthermore, we don’t want to you slippers to be floating downstream following the currents. Sandals are okay to wear as long as it has good grips.

Another thing to note is that, bring change of clothes and towel. We will make sure you get wet when you’re in the river, so don’t expect to return to town with a dry clothes.

Anyway, we hope that  you all enjoyed the trip and had fun through the journey. Thank you for choosing us and hope to see you all again soon!



Family Reunion Group Photo. Image by Nasifriet
Family Reunion Group Photo. Image by Nasifriet



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